3 ways to hang your Christmas wreath

It's starting to feel a lot like Christmas! Especially when you get your wreath up on your front door. But how exactly how do you hang it? Here's 3 ways to choose from...

3 Ways to Hang your Christmas Wreath

FISHING NYLON & 3M HOOK: My favourite way is using clear fishing nylon and a 3M hook. Watch the video below to get a better understanding. Attach the 3M hook to the INSIDE of your door, UPSIDE DOWN. This goes against nature but it will make sense soon. Next, tie a decent length of fishing nylon through the wreath, leaving both long ends loose. Tie the two loose ends in a strong knot, (remember right over left and under, left over right and under for a strong reef knot!). Make sure you've allowed enough length with the nylon because you are now going to hold your wreath against the door, throw the nylon over the top of the door and hook it onto the 3M hook... Ta Da!! You may need to adjust the nylon height with more knots, but that is easily done. I like this way because the fishing nylon is generally less visible than any other way.

A PLAIN OLD 3M HOOK: The next way works well for light weight wreaths. Simply attach a 3M hook onto your front door and hang that wreath straight onto it. I've always found that I can't hide the hook well enough with this method, but you may have a large bow or greenery that will cover up the hook for you. Make sure the 3M hook has had enough time to properly attach and be wary of the weight of your wreath.

A PROPER-OVER-DOOR-WREATH-HOLDER: This is by far the easiest way, but it's my least preferred method because the holder is so visible. Hang the holder over the top of your door and simply rest your wreath on the hook. Last year I found these over-door-wreath-holders from BIG W for only $4. So if you think it will suit the style of your wreath and you don't mind the visibility, go for it!

Happy Hanging & Merry Christmas!

x Corrie