Tips for a Covid safe wedding

We've been adjusting to a lot of 'new-normals' lately. Weddings & events in particular have had to adapt (over and over again!) simply to survive. Here are some ‘new-normal’ wedding etiquette tips which I hope you can use at your wedding.

Photo credit: Bonnie Pix & Flix

These are just a few tips, I’m sure there are lots more out there. However feel comforted that by using even a few of these tips, you’re being proactive in the fight against this awful pandemic.

  1. Ceremony only option – its proving easier to have ceremonies outside with social distancing and mask requirements, so if you have guests who may be at high risk of developing Covid-19 complications (e.g. elderly or immunocompromised) perhaps give them the option of just attending the outdoor ceremony only. It’s much lower risk than the reception.

  2. Live streaming – for those guests that can’t attend due to illness or travel restrictions, or if they are vulnerable and wish to avoid gatherings, think about ways your guests can be involved through a video broadcast or live stream. If you are hiring a venue for the ceremony or reception, talk to the event planner or manager about available options for this.

  3. Go digital – consider alternatives to physical gifts or wishing wells, e.g. use online gift registries, direct deliveries, or electronic fund transfers. If you are planning on having a guest book, think about a digital guestbook that guests can fill in from home. As you can see, less physical touching is key here.

  4. Expand your First Look – these have always been popular but you could go even further by having all the bridal party photos before the ceremony starts. It may feel weird but it’s a way of decreasing the time for guests between the ceremony and reception (I.e. less chance for bugs to spread).

  5. Seating - Consider seating guests from the same household next to each other, to make it easier to fit everyone safely together.

  6. Record keeping – your venue will have a Covid-19 register but it would be wise to keep your own record of guests and your contractors that attend (e.g. photographers, florists, cake maker). Record their name and mobile or email address. Keep this list for at least 28 days after your wedding. If there is a guest at your wedding who gets diagnosed with Covid-19, this list will help authorities with contact tracing.

I hope these help with your planning. If you know of any other great tips please let me know!

x Corrie